Our Services

We have worked with a variety of community-based organizations (many of them more than once) and have supplied evaluation, research, and data services on a wide variety of projects (see Experience). Some clients only need our services for data entry or analysis; others require a multi-year commitment to a grant-funded project or research endeavor. We gladly do both.

We provide services in the following areas:

Program Evaluation

Evaluation can measure the impact your services are having, determine if you are meeting your goals, and help you make more informed decisions about your organization or services (see FAQ for more on the uses of evaluation). We conduct both process and outcome evaluations, conduct client-feedback and quality-improvement surveys, and examine the short-term and long-term impact of your services.

Needs Assessments

Like program evaluation, needs assessments help you make well-informed administrative and programmatic decisions. They are also required for most grant applications. A needs assessment, for example, may include information about resource gaps and available assets among your target population or in your community; relevant social, economic, and demographic trends; and perceptions of need regarding an issue or program.

Data Management & Analysis

We can help you manage, enter, and/or analyze your data. Data collection and reporting are required for most grant-funded programs, and we can help you create databases that make accessing and completing reports more efficient (e.g., a customizable reporting system). We can also help if you have collected data but don't have the resources (e.g., time or staff) to enter or analyze the data efficiently (see FAQ for more on data management and analysis).

Applied Research

We conduct research that has practical applications for addressing social and community problems and for improving quality of life. Such research is motivated by a desire to address real-world problems and benefit others. Examples include: identifying the risk and protective factors associated with a social problem (e.g., substance abuse), examining the short or long-term impacts of a policy or initiative, or comparing the effectiveness of different interventions or programs.

You may also wish to download a brochure describing our services.
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