We believe in employing a variety of techniques and methodologies--both quantitative and qualitative--to provide our clients with information that is both meaningful and based on sound research principles.
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Data Collection

  • Surveys - paper, mail, and online surveys
  • Secondary Data Analysis - data obtained from other sources (e.g., U.S. Census)
  • Observation - participant observation, videotaped observation
  • Interviews - key informants, staff, clients, community members, etc.
  • Focus Groups - clients, staff, community members, etc.
  • Case Studies
  • Content Analysis
  • Participatory Photography - pictures documenting community needs, assets, or accomplishments

Tools and Design

  • Quasi-Experimental/Experimental Design
  • Standardized Instruments
  • Survey/Questionnaire Design
  • Statistical Packages - Stata and SPSS
  • Database Development and Management - Filemaker Pro
  • Computer Mapping/GIS - choropleth (theme) mapping to identify hot spots, etc.
We can provide data and evaluation reports at a frequency and in a format (e.g., written or oral) to suit your organization’s needs.
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